Adopting one child won't change the world, but for that one child, the world will change.


This is a very in depth book on attachment. Chapters range from describing attachment and why it’s important to explaining strategies to allow your child to attach and the effects of grief. This book is a heavier read and is packed full of information, examples and strategies. It might be more useful for the post-adoptive parent who can relate and implement strategies as they read.

Deborah D. Gray

A kids picture book about adoption with photos and fun facts.

*While books on adoption can be a great way to increase your child’s understanding of adoption and allow them opportunities to ask questions, FACES recommends reviewing all books meant for children to ensure all content is appropriate for your child.

Abigail Tyler

"Hold On to Your Kids will restore parenting to its natural intuitive basis and the parent-child relationship to its rightful preeminence. The concepts, principles and practical advice contained in  Hold On to Your Kids will empower parents to satisfy their children’s inborn need to find direction by turning towards a source of authority, contact and warmth."

Gordon Neufeld & Gabor Mate

This is any easy to read book, intended for the adoptive family’s friends and extended family. The book covers sections geared towards both infant and older child adoption. It covers everything from the decision to adopt to talking about adoption and the child’s right to privacy. The book is light and informative and it is easy to skip chapters that may not apply to a particular family.

Elizabeth O’Toole

A less informative but relatable story of adoption. A great, light-hearted read for pre and post adoptive parents.

Nia Vardalos

Defining the love language of your children and family members can allow you to understand how they best feel loved and appreciated. This book will help you to determine both your family’s love languages, as well as your own. This can be a helpful tool for all families, not just ones touched by adoption. The 5 Love Languages are: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical touch.

Gary Chapman

"In this deeply informed and moving book, Dr. Bruce Perry dramatically demonstrates that only when we understand the science of the mind can we hope to heal."

Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D. and Maia Szalavitz

A somewhat lighter read on the cause, effect, and promotion of attachment. This is a great book for pre and post adoptive families. Chapters range from Where your Child Began to Teaching Life Values, Dealing with Defiance, Handling Setbacks and Healing Yourself to Heal Your Child.

Karyn B. Purvis, David R. Cross, Wendy Lyons Sunshine

"Complete with clear explanations, age-appropriate strategies for dealing with day-to-day struggles, and illustrations that will help you explain these concepts to your child, The Whole-Brain Childshows you how to cultivate healthy emotional and intellectual development so that your children can lead balanced, meaningful, and connected lives."

Dr. Dan Siegel

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