"There are no unwanted children. Just

unfound families." - National Adoption Center




There is an old African proverb that says “It takes a village to raise a child.” This could not be more true when it comes to adoption. When one applies for adoption, it is all about proving that you would be a good match to become an adoptive parent. It is easy to fall into the pitfall of trying to do it all yourself and make it look like everything is perfect. The reality is that we can not do it all ourselves. We need to build a network of people to support us and cheer us on.


As you walk through the process of adoption, you will be faced with some people who do not support or understand your decision to adopt as there are many fears, stereotypes and misunderstandings out there. There will be others who are interested but are uneducated about adoption.


When you are trying to create your village, here are some groups of people you might want to find.


  1. People who are on the same journey – These are people who you might meet at training or seminars.They are undertaking the same process of adoption. They get it. They understand what you are experiencing first hand as they are living it too. You can exchange experiences, stories, and progress along the way. These people are important.

  2. Experienced Adopters – These people have been there.They have traveled this road before. They can share their experiences and empathize with you. They will be able to spare you time and effort. They may have access to resources or direct you toward the supports you may need. The best part is that they might be able to help you avoid obstacles and heartaches they had to experience.

  3. Professionals – At times you will need support from the community of professionals to assist you on this journey.They may be social workers, therapists, psychologists, and speech pathologists. Take the time to build positive and relationships with the professionals who are helping your family.

  4. Supportive people – These people may not have much knowledge about adoption, however they are there for you.Let these people what you need, just make sure you are specific and reasonable. They can help with listening, encouragement, prayer, and in practical ways. You just need to ask.

At FACES, we want to help you build your village. We have a network of families in various stages of adoption, and we provide many opportunities to connect with them. We can also help you find professionals that can assist you and your family throughout the journey of raising your kids.

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